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Owned and operated by Comet Way, Inc., we are dedicated to providing Internet hosting and support services for Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Virtual IT Staff

Need an IT staff but do not have the resources? We provide the benefits of an in-house IT service and support without the overhead.

Companies and non-profits which rely on technology and are finding it more difficult, or simply do not have the resources to hire, train and maintain experienced staff of technology professionals.

We provide strong project leadership with an understanding of each client's needs. We tailor technologies for reliable and timely solutions with cost-effective solutions.


  • No long-term staffing commitments
  • An in-house IT service without the overhead
  • Access to experienced network designers, desktop support staff for both Windows and Macintosh environments
  • Help with new IT endeavors including commercial and open-source environments
  • Website setup, design and implementation
  • Secure website and email hosting